First Baptist Church of Savage, MD
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Come, Connect, and Commit to Christ and His Kingdom Work



For Students:  6th Grade Through 12th Grade


Students at First Baptist Church of Savage, MD are committed to EVANGELIZING non-believing students, to ENCOURAGE them to connect with other Christians, to EQUIP them in their growing faith, and to challenge their growth by finding their ministry (EDIFY) and EXALTING God with their lives.


We are First Baptist's YouthLIFE Student Ministry  - A Bible-believing, outreach-minded youth group focused on achieving God's Will for the Savage Community and beyond.  Our Wednesday night Youth Group Sessions are packed with friendship, fellowship, and the study of God's Word in a way that relates directly with the lives and experiences that teens are facing right now in today's world.

All youth are welcome from Middle School through High School, and whether you are a Christian or simply want a safe place to hangout and find out what being a Christian is all about...Please Come Join Us!

Wednesday Nights at 6:30 - 8:00

Youth Floor